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About isifiso.

isifiso means destiny. Not just in terms of me realising my teenage dream to run a handmade boutique, but it also refers to the fabrics that I rescue. The fabrics start the journey far away on a farmers field & have now reached me after travelling hundreds of miles.

Textiles in general have a large eco footprint, especially inorganic cotton. However, due to its easy availability, people throw away copious amounts of it. This is the waste I have tapped into to create the best eco friendly products that you see here. No fabric scrap is too small & each one shall find its purpose here at isifiso.

Facts.. Figures.. Savings

Small decisions, big savings!

When I started making these sustainable products from waste, I set up a fabric rescue scheme. This has given my local community a place to donate their fabric scraps that would have otherwise been binned. Choosing to work with Organic Cotton for fabrics I have bought has helped to make these amazing eco savings.

0 +
grams of fabric rescued
0 +
litres of water saved
0 +
watt hours saved

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These are great. Much nicer than traditional dish cloths. Love the eco credentials as well.



Excellent quality.
Thanks very much.



Beautifully made and quick to send, will definitely be buying from here again! x



A select few

List of eco friendly products

Cloth wipes

Beeswax wraps

Soap bags

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