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the what, why & who behind isifiso.

what does it mean?

isifiso. means ‘destiny’ or ‘choice‘. In everyday use, it’s similar to saying Karma. In simple terms, Karma means “what goes around, comes around”. Isn’t that fitting for a circular business? One more way the name fits because it’s a childhood dream that has finally come true in my mid-40s.

why these products?

I make a range of products from home care to relaxation to clothing. Reusable products are aimed at removing single use items from your life; while the eco-friendly clothing concentrates more being inclusive & comfortable. Everything that I offer here are things I love making. What doesn’t bring you joy while creating is not worth creating, right?

isifiso. believes sustainability starts at home with everyday essentials and creates purposeful products that are made to last.

why am I doing this?

I have 2 simple reasons behind why I believe in this business. (1) Spread the message for sustainability (2) My skill to sew used to serve the people who are let down by standard sizing

let me tell you a little story

i started learning to sew when i was 12 years old and since then, i wanted my own boutique. it has taken more than 3 decades & half way across the world for this to materialise.

as for the sustainability, we as a family have been on this journey for few years now. all products made have come from our need or special requests in an attempt to reduce our waste. i am proud to say we have gone from a large bin bag every week to a small plastic bag of waste twice a month! 

Creative Director @

so, who else is behind isifiso?

if you are expecting a team of people behind isifiso., then you are mistaken! it’s just me – kavitha – flying solo. with this business, i do everything from brainstorming an idea, designing & making, fulfilling orders and everything in between.

who am i? such an existential question. but to summarize in 1 statement: i am an eco-activist turned business woman & a mother of 2 curious boys and with indian heritage.

if you want to know more: send me an email at