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Sewing up teams

Create a calming & restorative environment
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At isifiso, we believe that the best teams are built on a foundation of collaboration, communication, and creativity. That’s why we offer unique and interactive sewing, mending & upcycling workshops for corporate teams. Our expertly designed  team building events are tailored to unleash the creative potential of your team, fostering collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving skills .

 Through hands-on activities and challenges, your team will not only learn a new skill, but also build stronger connections with each other. We empower your employees to tap into their creativity, driving productivity and boosting morale. Transform your workplace dynamics and unlock a world of endless possibilities with isifiso’s corporate creative team building workshops.

Our creative corporate events can be tailored to fit the needs and goals of your team, whether it’s improving communication, boosting morale, or simply having fun together. Plus, at the end of the event, your team will have a tangible and useful item to take home as a reminder of their experience.

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Mindful & wellness experiences

Creative workshops to help relax the mind and be present. Sewing is meditative without chanting OM.

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Immersive Design Thinking Workshops

Immerse and inspire your team to solve design problems in fashion & find new solutions.

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Personal Artistic Expression Workshops

Foster creativity and team spirit through activities that encourage exploration & expression

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Testimonials from our happy participants

Customizable Team-Building Workshops

Our customized events are designed to fit the unique needs and goals of your team. Whether you want to enhance creativity or foster teamwork, our expert instructors will tailor the workshop to match your objectives. With a hands-on approach and sustainability at the core, your team will develop new skills, learn more about fashion sustainability while enjoying a fun and engaging experience.

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Our Most Popular Creative Corporate Events

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Our Most Popular Team Building Activities

Popular Corporate Events


Workshop length: 2 hours
Group size: 5 to 20 people

This clothes mending workshop is designed to teach you three awesome techniques for hand mending. These are the most common repairs needed. Participants will learn how to fix their clothes with invisible mending techniques, No prior experience is required to attend the workshop. The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to repair their clothes and save money and interested in sustainable fashion.

clothes mending workshop hand mending a hem


Workshop length: 60 minutes to 2 hours
Group size: 5 to 20 people
The Visible Mending workshop is designed for people who are interested in learning the Japanese repair technique called Sashiko. This technique will transform your old clothing into new pieces of art that they can wear proudly. No prior experience is required to attend the workshop. The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn a practical skill that can save them money and extend the life of their clothes, as well as a creative way to express their personality and style.
sashiko mending tutorial patching jeans


Workshop length: 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Group size: 5 to 30 people

A hands-on & engaging session where your team / members are introduced to the art of transforming rescued materials into beautiful decorations. They will discover the joy of repurposing materials and creating sustainable decorations. This session will encourage teamwork and creativity within your team, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.

creative corporate workshops sustainable craft experiences


Workshop length: 60 minutes to 2 hours
Group size: 5 to 30 people

Amazing upcycling event where your team can explore the art of transforming old t-shirts into unique jewellery pieces. Let them discover the creativity hidden in simplicity and learn how to repurpose materials in an innovative way. This hands-on experience will not only foster team bonding but also ignite a sense of eco-consciousness within your team.

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Our Popular Team Building Activities are Creative Mindful Sustainable

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