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ECO tips for Christmas – Christmas trees

Eco Christmas tips are all about providing ideas for making this Christmas fun & earth friendly. In today’s tip, I want to talk about Christmas trees. Have you got one already? If not, keep reading before you make that decision.

Fully decorated Christmas tree on a dark background
Fully decorated Christmas tree. Photo by Алсу Ягудина

Christmas trees add a lot of cheer and it’s fun to decorate a tree. When we used to have family around for Christmas, my my sister-in-law and the kids decorated the tree together. She would make a big deal out of it – with jazzy lights, music and dancing. Craziness will most definitely be in the air. But this year, it’s going to be a lot quieter without having family around us. So, this year, we are going to replace it with walks, games & baking together.

Eco tips for making a greener Christmas

Today’s tip is about removing the waste that comes out of having a Christmas tree for 3 weeks or so and then throwing them out. According to the BBC, 6 million trees are cut and thrown out every year. Though growing trees (even though it will be cut) is a good thing, it’s never good for bio diversity and the local eco-system of birds and bees to have only 1 crop growing on farm lands. Sometimes, these are not even indigenous varieties, which causes a complex set of issues.

ECO option – Buy or rent your own Christmas tree

This tree, while it’s inside your home, will not only add cheer, but also clean your air and provide clean air. Plants have a great way of giving back, but just being there. Don’t you agree?

I found this website, though in American lingo, quite useful and detailed in information provided.

Further reading

While I was looking into this issue, I have found some interesting thoughts, ideas and possible businesses we could use to reduce our waste.

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