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green your laundry – drying

green laundry – what’s that?

these new jargons keep on coming right? but this one is fairly straight forward. green laundry just means doing your laundy in an eco-friendly way. When you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, reduce your electricity consumption 🔌 and switch to a plant-based laundry detergent, you win the prize 🥇 for “green laundry”.

this week’s simple eco tip is to switch off that tumble dryer and use your clothes line or a drying rack to dry your clothes. it doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or not, as a cold & crisp day or a windy day will work too. if it’s raining or too damp outside, move the clothes to an drying rack inside. green your laundry with this one simple change.

5 reasons why we should green our laundry

here are 5 reasons why we should green our laundry.

i love old nursery rhymes and poems and i am going to memorize this. while you are hanging out the clothes next time, why not sing this poem while you are doing it?

green laundry wash day poem by Dorothy Aldis
old nursery rhyme by Dorothy aldis

how do we do this?

all the products that we make at isifiso – like our unpaper towels or face wipes or relaxation pillows – all come with wash instructions of “wash at 30 degrees and hang dry” for this specific reason. there’s no reason to tumble dry any of this. just a little extra to promote eco-living.

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