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the new website

welcome to our brand new website. Version 1 was launched in Aug-2020 and I was very pleased with it. but, and this is a big but (no pun intended), with lockdown and all the changes it brought, the plan behind the website changed very quickly.

the most used during this pandemic in the business world is “pivot”. so, here I was pivoting in a new direction, but the website got left behind. setting the course of the new direction has taken time. so, i decided that the main focus of this website was going to be the reusable products and i needed to get all my products listed on here.

the past 2 years

the thing is, i never set out to begin a business. i started making things out of the love of sewing and nothing more. a friend of mine asked me to join her market stall 2 years ago and i thought it was a fun idea. never in a million years did i think i would turn this into a proper business.

the first year was spent on Etsy – fiddling with product ideas; making random things (seriously, just random things); doing a couple of market stalls and enjoying the journey. then lockdown hit and it cleared my mind. I don’t know about you, but lockdown for me was a blessing in disguise. my life actually got simpler! no more school runs, waiting at school gates, figuring out what to pack into their bags on what day, taking the kids to lessons from one end of town to another etc…etc…

so with all this spare time and spare brain space, i got working on the business. obviously, it helps to have strong family support and love from friends. i have been blessed with both. things were still not clear then and my day on a good day could be described as chasing my tail.

new website - 2020 in summary

the present

so as the idea got clearer, and with advice from design experts, business managers and mentors, i realised that getting the website to work in it’s current form to achieve my conflicting and contrasting needs was not possible. it definitely needed rethinking and a specific purpose. to make my life simpler, i decided to relaunch it as a zero waste product selling website as I already had most of the products listed on the platform. this sounds simple, but it has taken me a whole month of late nights to get this ready. why late nights? website redesign and kids in the background don’t go together at all! believe me, i tried! 😂

so, what has changed?

the biggest change was for me to communicate the values of the business. the sustainability and the green credentials the business had was never communicated via the website clearly. there’s still a lot of work to do to actually show everyone how the circular design works within the business. have you seen the “our eco-mission” page? what do you think?

new website - reduce reuse and recycle gif for an eco friendly life

other than making the mission statement clearer, the look and feel has changed. the website now reflects the branding and with expert help from digital media experts, a look was designed. thankfully, i had learnt so much more about wordpress and woocommerce websites since the first launch, so it has helped me create this new version. i hope you like it.

if you are a small business like me (or not) and want to know how i did and what i did – feel free to email me. i will be happy to share what i know. send me a message via the contact form.

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