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our eco mission

our eco mission is to start, grow and run a business without harming the planet and preserving earth’s resources. we follow the principle of reduce -> reuse -> repurpose and we think this is more important than profit. here’s how we are implementing a circular design within our business.

clean supplies

new fabric bought only for certain products in our range. all fabrics we buy are 100% natural and bio-degradable. we buy organic seeds and flowers as we understand the damage inorganic farming can cause. energy we use is sourced entirely from renewable power sources.

recover fabric

we save fabric destined for the landfill or incineration and turn them into beautiful & purposeful products.

our eco mission

use efficiently

balancing the use of the product & the width of the fabric; our products have been sized to reduce fabric waste. fabric scraps we rescue are matched with the products we make for optimum use. our packaging is minimal & bio-degradable. no extra boxes, tissue paper or wrapping.

circular design

our products are designed to last and reduce your single-use waste. we offer repair services for our beeswax wraps to extend their life. our fabrics & packaging are 100% natural & bio-degradable.