Isifiso Sustainable Bespoke Fashion



Gentle Anti roll Stretchy Eco friendly


Super large to make the perfect bun. Generously sized.


Beautifully handmade to use as a ponytail tie or as a wrist bracelet.


Perfect size for an everyday look. Amazing colour choices and one off prints.

How to use the scrunchie?

  • Decide on the style and brush your hair before starting.
  • Scoop the hair into through the scrunchie and pull gently.
  • Twist the scrunchie and pull your hair through it again.
  • Adjust as required.
Play Video about Plain blue eco scrunchie from fabric off cuts

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What's a

“A scrunchie (or scrunchy) is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie used to fasten short to medium to long hair types” according to Wikipedia. It was created & patented in 1987 and was hugely popular. Now it is making a huge comeback.