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Eco Vision & Mission

It begins where you end & ends where you begin.

over profit

I believe growing a business shouldn’t be at the cost of the planet.

Sustainability is at the core of this business.

I believe all products I make needs to reduce the negative impact & enhance it’s positive.

From start to finish and all steps in between is designed to reduce waste and be purposeful.

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My 4 steps to sustainability

eco vision & eco mission - circular economy design
Circular design

Clean resources

I use "virgin" fabric for clothing products & reusable products mainly use "rescued" fabrics. My sewing studio powered with solar and eco-energy suppliers.

Rescue fabrics

I run a community collection scheme to rescue fabric from being binned. From small scraps to large offcuts, I take it all. I turn them into beautiful & purposeful products.

Efficient use

All fabrics scraps are used in other projects to reduce waste. The packaging I use is minimal & bio-degradable. I print it in house on recycled card & acid free paper.

Better lifecycle

Products I make are stitched to last & also help reduce your single use waste. Care, maintenance & extended support is offered by default. All the packaging is bio-degradable.

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