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Mindful Sewing Classes

Eco Vision & Mission

Sustainability at isifiso

Our mission is to address the throwaway culture of dressmaking & crafts and help everyone sew better. Through our fabric rescue scheme and the sustainable sewing techniques we teach and reusable products to reduce single use waste, we are committed to limiting our environmental impact, without compromising on the quality and workmanship of our products & services.

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We are proud of what we've achieved

18 kilos

of fabric scraps rescued from landfill

4.9 million litres

decrease in water use by using Organic cotton

13,665+ WH

saved by using green energy & Organic cotton

100+ people

empowered to sew and reduce fashion waste

Our Circular Design models

Sewing workshops -
Our circular design

sewing classes isifiso | our circular economy design

Eco friendly products -
Our circular design

eco vision & eco mission - circular economy design

Clean resources

πŸ’š We use rescued fabrics for our sewing classes & reusable products
πŸ’šSolar energy powered sewing studios
πŸ’šWe only use eco tapes & recycled paper & card for our packaging

Rescue materials

πŸ’š We rescued fabrics, buttons, trims from going to landfill

Efficient use

πŸ’š We are careful about what how we design our projects to reduce waste
πŸ’š The textile waste we generate is minimal and is used for stuffing as part of our zero waste policy

Better lifecycle

πŸ’š All products we make are double stitched increase longevity
πŸ’š We offer extended support by default
πŸ’šAll our packaging is bio-degradable & home compostable

If you have more questions about what we do, send us a message

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