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The what, the who & the why and bonus - how!


isifiso. means ‘destiny’ or ‘choice‘ in Zulu. In everyday use, it’s similar to saying Karma

In simple terms, Karma means “what goes around, comes around”. Isn’t that fitting for a circular business?

One more way the name fits because it’s a childhood dream that has finally come true in my mid-40s.

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What do I make?

I make a range of products from home care to relaxation to clothing.

Reusable products are aimed at removing single use items from your life; while the eco-friendly clothing concentrates more being inclusive & comfortable.

Everything that I offer here are things I love making. What doesn’t bring you joy while creating is not worth creating, right?

I have 2 simple reasons behind why I believe in this business. (1) Spread the message for sustainability (2) My skill to sew used to serve the under served.


Why on earth?

I started learning to sew when I was 12 years old and since then, I wanted my own boutique. It has taken more than 3 decades & half way across the world for this to materialise.

As for the sustainability, we as a family have been on this journey for few years now. All products made have come from our need or special requests in an attempt to reduce our waste. I am proud to say we have gone from a large bin bag every week to a small plastic bag of waste twice a month! 

about isifiso the why eco friendly products


If you are expecting a team of people behind isifiso., then you are mistaken! It’s just me – Kavitha – flying solo.

about isifiso the who eco friendly products

Who am I?

Just like you, I am a woman with many talents and many interests. I am an eco-activist turned business woman & a mother of 2 curious boys and with Indian heritage.

With this business, I do everything from brainstorming an idea, designing & making, fulfilling orders and everything in between.

Simple design, useful & handmade. All of the products I make tick these 3 boxes. I want my makes to reduce consumption & add value.


Responsibly Handmade environmentally friendly products - isifiso

handmade with love.
no open seams, stitched to last

eco friendly products - Planet Friendly - isifiso

made from
organic or rescued fabrics

Reusable Products - sustainable products - isifiso

reuseable products

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