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Starts with plastic free products

Easy to use reusable items - budget friendly

Swap out plastics

Impress guests with your ingenious plastic free alternatives. Show off your sustainable living that clearly shows your commitment.

Relax organically

Never miss an opportunity to find your inner calm. Make it easy by staying home and creating a relaxation routine with organic ingredients for an extra special health benefit.

Accessorize everyday

With family and work to take care of, it’s hard to find the perfect add-on for your outfit. With isifiso to help, you can add sustainable accessories to your outfit and stand out. 

What isifiso has achieved so far

I have been hard at work rescuing fabrics from trash bins and making a difference in my local community. Textile waste is either incinerated or sent to landfill. Rescuing this textile waste means reduced air pollution for my immediate community and less land and water pollution further afield.
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Fabrics rescued

15,000 grams of fabric scraps of all sizes has been rescued from bins

save paper picture of glacier and water
Water saved

4,900,000+ litres of water saved by choosing Organic cotton

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Energy saved

13,665+ watt hours saved by choosing Organic cotton

Products for all your needs

isifiso offers products for all budgets and to suit your individual tastes. With products ranging from kitchen to personal care, isifiso helps you streamline your life, help you connect with the planet and make a meaningful difference.
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Customer reviews show you why 1000+ people have trusted our products

A little back story

Fabrics have their own story. From the time I was 12 and started to sew, I have been fascinated by the story behind the fabrics and how they came into my hands. I have always collected (hoarded fabrics) and so when they needed rescuing, I knew I had to do it. Want to know more and how I started with fabric rescue project?

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