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Pay it forward

Our mission to support and help minority communities

Our Mission

By paying it forward, you help us reach people from minority groups and make sewing accessible.  Help us spread the love of sewing & give everyone a tool for better mental health.

What is Pay it forward?

Access to techniques to manage your mental health and wellness shouldn’t come with financial constraints.  But it takes money to run these workshops and that’s where you come in. Here are few reasons why you play a critical role.

Fund us to run free workshops
Make sewing & wellness accessible to many more
Help us spread the word

Fund us to run free workshops​

Every time you Pay it Forward, isifiso forwards all of your contribution to fund free workshop spots for people from minority backgrounds. This includes and not limited to ethnicity (ethnic minority), race (racial minority), sexual orientation (sexual minority), or disability.

Make sewing & wellness accessible to many more​

Your Pay it Forward allows us to spread the love of sewing to communities around us. You can know that your money are helping people learn a skill to help them with their mental health and healing.

Help us spread the word​

Every time you Pay it Forward, shout it out on your social media channels. A good deed shouldn’t go unnoticed. This will help us reach & help more people from minority backgrounds or attract more funding.

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