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Large Lavender pouches – Beautifully scented

100% Vegan, Friendly to Sensitive Skin, 100% Natural Product, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, Made from Rescued Fabric
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Lavender sachet highlights

  • Keeps moths away
  • Protects your clothes from being damaged
  • Organic Lavender protects you from harmful pesticides

Lavender sachets filled with 100% Organic French lavender to bring sweet smells and moth protection to your clothes & closet.

Suitable for: People who store their sweaters and cashmere shawls
Versatile Design: Small & compact to fit into drawers and vacuum sealed bags

These lavender bags are made by repurposing offcuts of fabrics that would have otherwise gone to landfill or incinerated. They are filled with Organic lavender to protect you from harmful pesticides.

  • Using an existing resource conserve’s earth’s resources than buying new.
  • Using toxic pesticides is harmful to bees and insects. Pesticides also pollute the land, air & water.

Sustainable materials:

  • Outer fabric: 100% cotton offcuts
  • Filling: 100% Organic lavender

Sustainability policy:

  • Minimal & plastic free packaging.
  • To avoid overstocking and waste, items are made when an orders is received.

Store in cool, dark place. Don’t place it in direct sunlight.

Free shipping on orders over £40. Contact for return within 14 days of receipt and unused items will be refunded on receipt of the item.

Want your home smelling beautiful and your clothes scented naturally? One of these little eco-friendly lavender pouches are just the thing. Filled with Organic French Lavender and optionally dried rose, these little pouches will bring the outdoors inside.

These sachets are ideal for tucking between clothes or to pop them inside a pillow or cushion to help you sleep better. You can even put them in your linen drawer or in your car or locker to keep it smelling fresh. They also make a lovely eco-friendly gift to someone who needs a treat!

These pillows are filled to the brim, but three quarters full, so that the lavender can move freely. You can gently squeeze or rub them between your hands to revive the fragrance. As with everything else I make, it’s made to order. This means these lavender sachets will still be fresh and fragrant when it reaches you.

Features of scented lavender pouches:

  • Both sides have different fabric prints
  • Made with tiny fabric scraps that were rescued from landfill
  • 100% Organic lavender
  • Optionally available with dried red rose petals

All designs and prints are one-off and unique due to the changing nature of what is being rescued.

What makes it eco friendly?

  • The fabrics are “new” fabric, but scraps I have rescued from going to landfill through a community scheme I run. Turning waste into something beautiful.
  • Only Organic grains and herbs to reduce the damage to the soil and the impact fertilizers and chemicals have on bees and insects.
  • All this means these lavender pouches have a small environmental footprint.
  • You – By choosing to buy this product, you are promoting an eco-friendly product to others.

Wash instructions:

The lavender pouches are not washable.

Soft & Plush

Exfoliate your skin with this thick & fluffy soap bag made from 100% cotton towelling. Works like a luxuriously lathered washcloth.

Soap saver bag in Light blue - plastic free mens soap bag
Olive green soap bag with hand holding - eco friendly soap pouch

Slip free hold

No more slippery soap and no gooey mess. With most slips & falls in a home happening in the bathroom, this soap saver bag will make sure you don’t have any accidents in the bath or shower.

Easy care & easy travel

Machine washable. Unlike plastic body scrubbers that are a breeding ground for nasty bacteria, this soap bag can be washed and reused. Keeps your vanity case mess free. Just pop the soap into this soap bag and take it with you.

Dark Purple travel soap case on wood
Pink soap bag for shower open with soap - eco friendly product

Long lasting

Stitched twice to increase durability. No exposed stitching that would get caught on body jewellery or unravel easily. All designed to make this soap bag last longer.

Simple to use

Open the soap saver bag and slip your soap in. Fold over the lip of the bag and you are all set. When you wet the bag, the soap will foam through the bag and gently exfoliate while you brush it over your skin. Reshape bag after use and hang dry.

olive green soap mitt front on white bg
Play Video about olive green soap mitt front on white bg
custom sizes handmade by isifiso eco friendly products

Custom sizes

Send me the exact measurements you need or the measurements of the soap you love. I will make it to measure for you.

If you are looking for other sizes of – Lavender sachets – All sizes

If you want to know more about Lavender and it’s history, read this – History’s Love of Lavender: From Mummies to Bathhouses

1 review for Large Lavender pouches – Beautifully scented

  1. Mary

    Buying this as a Christmas gift for family members. Really pretty prints and has been beautifully made. Lavender smells lovely.

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What's a
Lavender Sachet?

Lavender sachet is a small pouch filled with lavender to freshen up your closet or to help you relax or even sleep. Potpourri, air fresheners, and other chemical-laden fragrances can all be replaced with these Organic lavender sachets.

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