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Large Lavender pouches

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Lavender sachet highlights

  • Keeps moths away
  • Protects your clothes from being damaged
  • Organic Lavender protects you from harmful pesticides

Lavender sachets filled with 100% Organic French lavender to bring sweet smells and moth protection to your clothes & closet.

Suitable for: People who store their sweaters and cashmere shawls
Versatile Design: Small & compact to fit into drawers and vacuum sealed bags

These lavender bags are made by repurposing offcuts of fabrics that would have otherwise gone to landfill or incinerated. They are filled with Organic lavender to protect you from harmful pesticides.

  • Using an existing resource conserve’s earth’s resources than buying new.
  • Using toxic pesticides is harmful to bees and insects. Pesticides also pollute the land, air & water.

Sustainable materials:

  • Outer fabric: 100% cotton offcuts
  • Filling: 100% Organic lavender

Sustainability policy:

  • Minimal & plastic free packaging.
  • To avoid overstocking and waste, items are made when an orders is received.

Store in cool, dark place. Don’t place it in direct sunlight.

Free shipping on orders over £40. Contact for return within 14 days of receipt and unused items will be refunded on receipt of the item.

Summer scents

Bring in the scents of the summer to your clothes all year round. Fight off lingering bad odours from old musty clothes. Your whole closet will smell fresh

Blue Lavender sachets closeup on dark background - eco friendly products
3 lavender bags closeup on dark background - eco friendly products

Protect everyone

By choosing Organic lavender, you are protecting yourself from toxic pesticide exposure while protecting the environment. Pesticides damage soil health and the chemicals seep into land. By choosing Organic, you are saving the bees and insects that depend on these lavender plants.

Custom sizes

These lavender bags can be made in many sizes. Send Send me an email with measurements of what you need or fabric colour choices and I shall do the rest.

custom sizes handmade by isifiso eco friendly products

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What's a
Lavender Sachet?

Lavender sachet is a small pouch filled with lavender to freshen up your closet or to help you relax. Potpourri, air fresheners, and other chemical-laden fragrances can all be replaced with these Organic lavender sachets.