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Reusable Cutlery Bag – Roll case

100% Vegan, Eco Friendly, Made from Rescued Fabric
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Cutlery pouch highlights

  • Easy & convenient way to carry your cutlery
  • Multipurpose & child friendly design
Cotton cutlery roll made from 100% sturdy cotton canvas fabric is a great addition to your day out bag.

Suitable for: People who prefer metal cutlery than single use plastic cutlery.
Versatile Design: Can be used to carry your woodworking tools or anything else with the same pouch.

These cutlery pouches are made from off cuts of larger upholstery projects that have been rescued from going to landfill.

  • Using an existing resource conserve’s earth’s resources than buying new.
  • Reduces the landfill waste created by plastic forks & spoons
  • No microplastics are shed when used.

Sustainable materials:

  • 100% rescued cotton canvas fabric

Sustainability policy:

  • Minimal & plastic free packaging.
  • To avoid overstocking and waste, items are made when an orders is received.
  • Wash at 30 degrees and hang dry to be kinder to the planet.
  • Wash with similar colours.

Designed exclusively by isifiso and handmade, this Zero waste reusable Cutlery Bag is handcrafted from fabric scraps and upholstery sample fabrics that I have rescued from landfill.

What is a reusable cutlery bag ?

If you eat on the go, you need this. Rather than use single use cutlery; plastic or wooden; this pouch will make it easier for you to carry your own cutlery when you go out.

The cutlery roll can hold up to four sets of knives, spoons & forks and there is space to store your reusable metal straws. Use cutlery from your home, pop them into the pouches, roll it up and take it with you. When you take the cutlery out, the roll can double up as a place mat or napkin for your lap.

Every time you use this Zero waste cutlery pouch, you are reducing your carbon footprint by not using single use items. Think of the plastic cutlery that is floating in the oceans because we did not know better.


▪ 100% cotton canvas fabric and unbleached cotton pouches
▪ Simple effective design
▪ 3 pouches with enough space to fit 4 in each
▪ Top flap to cover over the pouch to keep cutlery secure
▪ Increased durability
▪ Additional option: Reusable metal straws

Why metal straws?

With reusable straws, there’s a choice between bamboo and metal straws. Metal made a stronger case as it lasts longer. This means it reduces waste and repeat buying/consumption in the longer run. There are also questions about how sustainable & eco-friendly bamboo farming is.

Additionally, the chemical that bamboo based products are coated with is still being tested for long term health impact by some EU countries. Metal straws feel like a safer choice to me.

What makes it eco friendly?

▪ The fabrics used are “new” fabrics I have rescued from going to landfill through a community scheme I run. Turning waste into something beautiful.
▪ The cutlery bags are stitched with durability in mind and these will last you a long time.
▪ You – By choosing to buy this product, you are promoting an eco-friendly product to others. 💚


Width: 15″ (37.5 cm)
Height: 10.8″ (27 cm)
Tie length: 17″ (42-43 cm)

Wash instructions:

Be kind to the cutlery pouch and the planet by washing at 30 degrees.


The products I make have minimal packaging.  100% recycled paper & card.

NB: Colours may vary slightly due to the colour setting of your screen.

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2 reviews for Reusable Cutlery Bag – Roll case

  1. Rickard

    A great product that lives up to my expectations. It is perfect for those weekend hikes.

  2. Rickard

    A great product that lives up to my expectations. It is perfect for those weekend hikes.

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