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Plastic cutlery & eating out – eco issues

Food on the go

Plastic cutlery has invaded our lives and it’s everywhere. My eating experience with disposable cutlery is a bit pants. They invariably break when you eat, they are never big enough for the job and it smells of plastic. But it comes with pasta or salad boxes from most supermarkets & food courts.

picnic in the park with plastic cutlery

Millions & millions of these end up in landfill. Like all other plastic items, they degrade very slowly and pollute our environment.

disposable cutlery degrading

Scary statistics

Most of the disposable cutlery ends up in landfill and they enter our rivers and seas. They cannot be recycled easily as the machines used for recycling reject the cutlery because of their dimensions. The diameter is small and the machines wrongly identify them as contamination.

What's being done?

Look at these great examples of how different countries & companies are tackling this issue.

plastic cutlery new solutions rubiks cube
Reusable Cutlery Bag to take your cutlery with you when you travel - eco friendly products

Simplest solution

The simplest of all solutions is to carry your own set of cutlery from home with you. Reusing what you have is the most sustainable option. Eat with it and take it home & wash it.

In this post pandemic world, taking your own cutlery means no more contamination or germs. This will be eating out, germ free.

Eco gift: Cutlery pouch

To help with the carrying around of your cutlery, get one of these cutlery pouches. Made with “rescued” fabrics, these cutlery pouches will make sure your forks & spoons don’t rattle around in the bag. Invented by me, it’s a perfect addition to your day out.

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