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Eco Friendly Laundry – 5 great reasons to switch

What is eco friendly laundry? These new jargons keep on coming right? But this one is fairly straight forward. When you reduce your electricity consumption & switch to a plant-based laundry detergent, you win the prize for “Green laundry”.

Rather than pushing a new product at you, I want to talk about changing habits & perspectives. You always don’t need the latest product or the gadget to lessen your eco footprint. Most of the time, it’s a simple change in behaviour.

2 habits to change for an eco friendly laundry day

eco friendly cleaning tips laundry

#1 Washing

  • Don’t wash your clothes after every use. Wash it only when it’s really dirty.
  • Reduce the the number of times you do laundry & wash only when you have a full load.

#2 Drying

  • Stop tumble drying. Switch off that tumble dryer & dry your clothes on a line or a rack.

5 Reasons Why Eco Friendly Laundry is Good

1. Save Money

It saves a lot of electricity. Research has shown that a highly efficient tumble dryer will cost 4.5 kwh per cycle. Based on average electricity costs in the uk, if you run your tumble dryer 3 times a week, it will cost around £70 a year to run.

2. Damaging

Studies show that tumble drying can cause significant damage to clothing, mainly in regards to wearing fabric down. The main reason this happens is because of the constant tossing inside the drum. A study on how dryers impact these tears found that after only twenty cycles of washing and drying, fabric lost approximately 50% of its tensile strength, making it twice as easy to tear.

3. Shrinking

Tumble drying shrinks clothes twice as much as air drying. This is because of the mechanical agitation and forced air. The forced air from the dryer causes the fibres of the fabric to constrict, causing shrinkage.

4. Green House Gasses

Washing and drying a load every two days creates around 440kg of green house gas emissions each year, which is equivalent to flying from London to Glasgow and back with 15-mile taxi rides to and from the airports. According to the guardian, it takes .7 kg of per wash when washed at 40 degrees and dried on the line. But this emission is almost 3.5 times more when tumble dried. That’s a massive amount of emissions for just 1 cycle of drying.

5. Bacteria

Sunlight is naturally antibacterial. UV light kills bacteria on clothes. The clothes also smell fresh and the sun will make your whites whiter. The sun is also great at bleaching out stains and spots without the need for harsh chemicals.

Over at isifiso.

All the products that I make at isifiso all come with wash instructions of “Wash at 30 degrees and hang dry” for this specific reason. There’s no reason to tumble dry any of this.

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