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4 Tips to reduce food waste at home

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Do you love food and hate wasting it? Read on as your are in the right page. Here are 4 tips to reduce food waste at home.

Food is a human right, a necessity of life and brings joy to our mundane lives. Food we eat nourishes, strengthens and also defines us! What we eat, how we eat and when we eat all vary depending on our culture and upbringing.

tips to reduce food waste at home- fresh food at a market

Eating a 4 course home cooked Indian meal fills my belly and my heart.  I am sure you feel the same way about the food you grew up with or have fond associations with. It is soul nourishing.

So, here’s the conundrum? If it’s so important, why do we waste it?

Where is this waste coming from?

Food waste is generated by supermarkets, restaurants & , catering companies. But, 70% of food waste is generated by households. So what are we wasting? Right from salad to fruits & vegetables and bread, we throw away perfectly edible food because we don’t store them correctly or we have misconceptions about when the food is considered inedible.

Households waste 4.5m tonnes of food a year that could have been eaten, worth £14bn. This amounts to £700 for an average family with children.

What is happening?

According to a market survey, some of the main reasons people throw food away are:

food waste black bins
Those 4.5 million tonnes are enough to fill 38 million wheelie bins, or ninety Royal Albert Halls.

Top 3 impacts from food waste

Eco news: Water consumption

When we waste food, we also waste water. A significant amount of water is required to grow and produce food. Read this well written article on this topic from InSinkerator

4 tips to reduce food waste at home


Plan your meals


Make a list


Store it right


Cook & freeze

Plan your meals

Why does this matter? Having a schedule makes life easier. And cooking when your fruit & veg is still fresh will lock in the nutrients.

reduce food waste grocery shopping small jpg webp tips to reduce food waste at home,ways to reduce food waste
tips to reduce food waste close up shopping list

Make your list

Why does this matter? Impulse buying or going shopping when you are hungry makes you buy things you don’t need.

Store it right

Why does this matter? Foods stored incorrectly can go bad or worse make you ill. 

Eco tip: Plastic free food wraps

Wrap your food with beeswax wraps. This naturally anti bacterial wax will help keep your food fresh for longer. This is one excellent ways to reduce food waste

Reduce food waste at home with plastic food containers & vegetables - eco blog by isifiso
reduce food waste batch cooking

Cook & freeze

How does this help? It’s definitely cheaper to cook in larger quantities and eating healthy through the week becomes easier. Batch cooking will definitely save you time & money.

So, go and save yourself some cash and make yourself a nutrient packed meal! Yum! Drop a comment below if you are have any further ways to reduce food waste or if you are going to implement some of these ideas.

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